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Pickerington PD: Water service will be interrupted Thursday morning (4/25/19) for the residents of Pickerington Ridge Apartments, Waterstone Landing, and Pickerington Pointe. Water could be shut off as early as 7:30AM and will be off for several hours.

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Late Fee, Penalty, and Interest Changes For Tax Year 2016 and Beyond
Posted Wednesday, January 25, 2017

State law changed the way municipalities must charge penalty and interest on tax returns beginning 1/1/16.  The following fees are now in effect:

  • Late Filing Fee: $25/month up to $150.  This fee will be charged even if no tax is owed on your return.  Pickerington is a mandatory file city, and all residents over the age of 18 must file a tax return by April 18, 2017, or October 15 if an extension is granted.
  • Underpayment penalty: 15% of balance owed.
  • Interest: Federal short term rate plus 5%. For tax year 2016, the interest rate is 5%.

Please contact the tax department with any questions regarding these charges.