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Street Maintenance

The Street Maintenance Program evaluates and prioritizes the maintenance of our pavement infrastructure and develops cost-effective treatment strategies and schedules.  This program is designed to provide the necessary attention to Pickerington roadways to extend the life of the road, as well as ensure the safety of the traveling public. The goal is to keep streets that are in good condition from deteriorating to the point where a less expensive treatment is no longer effective.

For questions on the Street Maintenance Program, please contact the Engineering Department at 614.833.2221 or

The maintenance work will include other infrastructure repairs while working on a street.  This will include, but is not limited to, ADA curb ramps, curb and gutter, and storm sewer inlet repairs.  Please know that the dates listed below are for the start of any work, not just asphalt maintenance.

2017 Street Maintenance information coming soon.