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Frequently Asked Questions

Tax Rate, Taxable Income, and Credits
Who is Required to File a Pickerington Return
Electronic Filing of Returns
Tax Filing Questions and Mistakes
School District Income Tax
Real Estate and Property Tax


Tax rate, taxable income and credits

What is the City of Pickerington’s tax rate?

The tax rate is 1%.

Does Pickerington give credit for taxes paid to another city?

Yes, Pickerington gives a partial credit for taxes paid to another city.  The credit is up to one-half of one percent (.005) of the wages taxed.  For example, if you earned $50,000 which was taxed by Columbus, your credit to Pickerington is $250 ($50,000 x .005).  Please note that this credit cannot be given unless you submit a W-2 showing the wages taxed by another city.

Why does Pickerington tax my Medicare or local wage instead of my Federal wage on my W-2?

Pickerington taxes all earned income.  Your federal wage excludes wages or salary that has been deferred, such as to a 401(k) or other retirement plan.  Pickerington taxes this wage when it is earned.  However, once you retire and begin to draw money from your 401(k) or retirement plan, Pickerington does NOT tax this money, as we have taxed it when it was originally earned.

Does Pickerington allow a net operating loss (NOL) carry forward?

Yes, Pickerington allows a one year NOL carry forward.

I show a loss on my Schedule C, and my spouse has W-2 wages.  Can my loss offset my spouse’s income in the current year?

No.  A schedule loss may not offset W-2 income.  However, a schedule loss may be carried forward for one year in order to offset a profit made in the next year.

I live in Pickerington but work in Columbus.  Do I get a refund?

No.  If you work in another city that taxes your local wages, you will receive one-half of one percent (.005) credit against those wages on your Pickerington return.  Your taxes are paid first to the city in which you work.  Your residence city does not receive any of those taxes; therefore cannot refund it.

I work in Pickerington but live in another city.  Do I get a refund?

No.  Taxes are paid first to the city in which you work.  Even though you are not a resident of Pickerington, you benefit from the police and emergency services, snow removal and street maintenance which are funded by these municipal taxes.  Your residence city may give you a credit for the taxes you paid to Pickerington.


Who is Required to File a Pickerington Return

Who is required to file a Pickerington tax return?

All Pickerington residents 18 years of age or older are required to file returns annually.  Non-residents are required to file only when they earn income within the City of Pickerington which is not fully withheld upon, or have a business or rental property in the City.  Every business located in or performing services in the City is required to file annual returns.  All returns are required regardless of the amount of income received or losses incurred.

When is my Pickerington tax return due?

The due date for calendar year taxpayers in April 15th.  The due date for fiscal taxpayers is 3 ½ months after fiscal year end.

I am under 18 and my employer withheld tax.  Do I need to file a return?

If you were under 18, your employer is not required to withhold taxes for you.  If your employer withheld Pickerington tax, you may file for a refund using the refund claim form.

I am retired.  Do I have to pay tax?

Social Security income and pension income are not taxable by Pickerington; however, as a resident of Pickerington, you are still required to file a return.  If you are retired, but receive other types of income, such as part-time wages or rental income, you are required to file a return and pay tax on that income.

I am a college student and live away from Pickerington while attending school.  Do I have to file a return?

Yes.  If you maintain Pickerington as your permanent legal residence, you are required to file a return even though much of your time may be spent out of the City.  Any income that you earn is taxable to Pickerington regardless of where it is earned.

I am married.  Can I file separately from my spouse?

There is no benefit or potential reduced tax liability when filing separately for the City of Pickerington.  Therefore, to reduce processing and account maintenance, the City of Pickerington respectfully requests that all married couples file a joint return and maintain one account.

I have a 43147 zip code.  Am I required to file a return?

Maybe.  Not all addresses with a 43147 zip code are within the Pickerington city limits.  To determine if your address is within the City, please review our street listing.

I only lived in Pickerington for part of the year.  What do I have to do?

You are required to file a Pickerington tax return for any portion of the year that you were a resident.  Taxable income will be based on the income that you earned while a resident only (unless the income was earned within the City of Pickerington, in which case it is fully taxable). 


Electronic Filing of Returns

Can I electronically file my return?

Beginning January 2013, if you have W-2 income only, you will be able to electronically file your Pickerington tax return via our new and improved e-filing system.  If you have a Schedule C, Schedule E or Schedule K or K-1 on your federal income tax return, you may not e-file at this time and must mail your return to us.

I am due a refund.  Can I e-file my return?

No.  At this time, all returns that show an overpayment of Pickerington taxes must be filed by mail or in-person.


Tax Filing Questions and Mistakes

Can you assist me in preparing my Pickerington tax return?

We would be happy to assist you.  You may visit our office without an appointment Monday – Friday between 8 am and 5 pm.  You are welcome to drop off your documentation and pick it up from us after the return is completed.  Please note that if you stop by in April, your wait will be longer due to the high volume of taxpayers we assist.

What documents do I have to attach to my return?

Documentation is required to support all income, credits, and adjustments shown on your City return.  Examples of necessary forms, if applicable: W-2s (showing Federal, Medicare and Local wage amounts, and amount of local tax withheld for all cities); 1099s, Federal Schedules C, E, K or K-1; Form 2106 and Schedule A; Federal Form 1065, 1120 or 1120-S and supporting schedules; documentation to support part-year residency.  Failure to include any of these supporting items will delay the processing of your return and will require you to send the information to us at a later date.

What are the most common mistakes that taxpayers make when filing returns?

By far, the biggest mistake is not attaching W-2s to your return or attaching the wrong W-2.  If you are claiming a credit for taxes paid to another city, you must provide the copy of your W-2 which names the city to which taxes were paid.  If you are claiming credit for Pickerington tax withheld, you must provide the copy of the W-2 that shows Pickerington City in box 20.  Please note that Pickerington SD, Pick 2307 or any variation including the numbers 2307 are not Pickerington City taxes.

I received a letter from the Tax Department called “Correction Notice”. What did I do wrong?

If you received a correction notice from the Tax Department, please don’t panic!  We have simply noted an error on your return or need additional information from you.  The most common reason we send this notice is to request a W-2 showing wages taxed by another city, or taxes paid to the City of Pickerington.  We also send this notice if the amount you claimed in estimated payments or prior year credits is incorrect (you can verify you are claiming the correct amounts by accessing your account online here).The third most common reason we send this notice is if you used the wrong taxable wage on your return.  Pickerington taxes box 5 or box 18 (whichever is higher) on your W-2.

On my W-2, is there a difference between Pickerington and Pickerington2307 in box 20?

Yes.  Pickerington2307 (or any variation of 2307) is income tax for Pickerington Local School District.  This tax cannot be claimed as a credit toward your City of Pickerington tax liability. 

If my return shows an amount due of $5, do I need to pay that amount?

Beginning January 1, 2016, state law provides that tax liabilities of $10 or less are not required to be collected.  If your return shows a balance due of $10.01 or greater, the entire balance is required to be paid; however, if the balance due is $10 or less, you do not need to send payment.

What is the minimum amount Pickerington will refund?

Beginning January 1, 2016, state law provides that overpayments of $10 or less are not required to be refunded.  Therefore, Pickerington will not refund any amount that is $10 or less. 


School District Income Tax

I want to file a return for my Pickerington Local School District income tax.  Do I include this information with my City return?

No.  The City of Pickerington does not administer income tax for Pickerington Local School District.  This tax is administered by and must be filed with the Ohio Department of Taxation.

Can you answer questions about my Pickerington Local School District income tax?

No.  Please call 1-800-282-1780 or visit the Ohio Department of Taxation for questions regarding school district tax.


Real Estate and Property Tax

Can you answer questions about my real estate taxes?

No.  Real estate and other property taxes are administered by the Fairfield County Auditor.  Please call 740-652-7030 or click here for questions.