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Water Fees & Payment Information

The fee for water and sewer service is billed on a monthly basis for the previous months utility use. The bills are always sent on the first day of each month. Due date is the 15th of each month. If the amount due is not received by the due date a late penalty of 10% of the current months billing is added to the amount due. The net amount shown on the bill is the amount due if payment is received by the date due. The gross amount is the amount due if payment is received after the due date and includes the 10% late penalty.

Pay Your Water Bill

To ensure that credit card payments are received
and to avoid any disruption of your utilities,
please call the City Utilities billing office at 614-833-2289
and report your payment between 8-5 Monday through Friday.

The City constantly strives finding ways to make it easier for our residents to take care of their utility payments. We have had online bill pay available to you for about two years. Taking another step into technology, you can now authorize a payment plan that will have your utility payment deducted automatically from your checking or savings account. This form also allows you to sign up for email billing. To find out more, click on the link below.

Utility Service Application

Direct Payment Form

Current rates* are as follows:

Water Fees

Minimum Service Charge of $4.50 per month

0 - 12,000 gallons $ 4.16 per each thousand gallons

Excessive water fee $ 6.39 per each thousand gallons usage in excess of 12,000 per month

*Water and Sewer fees automatically increase 3% on April 1 each year.